DohGames was my first venture into website creation. As a young High School freshman in 2003, I created my first website in the hopes of providing a type of rom-download service that didn’t have any of the hassle that other websites had. My biggest pet-peeve were sites that forced you to vote for them on various top lists in order to download a single game; I knew I could do better.

I created the first website in Macromedia (yes, Macromedia. Not Adobe) Dreamweaver and I couldn’t have been happier. I had even used my very first PHP in order to include pages to reduce redundant code, as well as list an entire directory’s contents to provide my downloads!

As humble as my beginnings were, it was still an experience I wouldn’t have traded for anything. Throughout the years I updated the design and created more and more scripts that allowed the website to grow immensely. My crowning achievement from DohGames would be its Download Manager (DLM). After learning you can’t just provide direct links to files, unless you want everyone to leech your links, I figured I had to come up with a more creative solution. Building off of that initial basic directory listing script, I ventured into using a MySQL database and adding more features to the downloads.Thus came a download system that allowed me to automatically add thousands of files, with all of their information sanitized and parsed, in a matter of a few clicks.

As time progressed, I grew more and more interested in Web Development. When I started going to college, DohGames fell by the wayside as I saw more and more opportunities for myself that didn’t involve emulation. While it saddened me greatly to do it, I decided to stop working on DohGames on July 29th, 2010.

iOS and Full Stack Engineer and a home cook in NYC.